Royal Casino Events

Are casino parties legal ?

Yes. It's all for fun and with no 'real' gambling involved. Royal Casino Events is strictly an entertainment company renting casino tables for evening entertainment. No real money is exchanged at the tables as all the notes are fake. Guests of any age are allowed to play.

How does it work ?

When the guests arrive they are greeted with laminated casino money which can be exchanged at the casino tables for chips. If guests do not know how to play, the team of dealers are at hand with a friendly, quick explanation. Often, casino parties finish with an auction where guests turn in their chips for auction vouchers and a chance to bid for prizes provided by the host, sometimes in a very enthusiastic and fiery atmosphere.

How long does a typical casino party last ?

All pricing is based on 2hrs 30mins of actual gaming. Additional hours are available.

How many gaming tables will I need ?

We will assist with your budget requirements and optimize gaming for your guests.

What regions do you cover ?

We have offices in central Paris and Cannes which can accommodate the whole of France.

How much will it cost?

Table hire starts at €450 per table. Please do not hestitate to contact us for further information on pricing.

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