Royal Casino Events


Casino events are a great idea for wedding receptions. Entertain your guests with an amazing casino experience or poker party fun.

Corporate Events

Creat a corporate Casino event to establish and improve team relations. Ideal for company parties or team building events, grand openings, trade shows and much more.

Bar Mitzvah Party

Looking for a great Bar Mitzvah party idea, why not try a casino or poker theme party. Participants may be any age as no real money is involved.

Fund Raising Events

Raise money at your Charity Function with a casino party fundraiser or charity poker tournament. This is a fantastic way to raise money for your non-profit organisation whilst entertaining your guests.

Dinner Parties

Start an evening with cocktails and gaming tables. Casino parties are a great ice-breaker and create a relaxed atmosphere for dinner party guests

Texas Hold'em Party

A variation of standard poker and ideal for house parties - table hire only or table hire with a Dealer.


blackjack game

Blackjack is by far the most popular casino game. Its easy to learn the basics and fun to play. The objective is for the player to come as close to 21 as possible using 2 cards, without exceeding 21 and having gained a higher hand than the Dealer. If the total of the player's cards is closer to 21 than the Dealer, the player wins. The player also wins if the Dealer exceeds 21 and the player has not "busted".


Roulette is a fun interactive game with up to 8 players. Once bets are placed on the table, the Dealer spins the wheel and initiates play. When the ball stops in a number slot, the player wins if the bet was placed on that number or potentially that colour.

Stud Poker

jeu de blackjack

Stud Poker is a 5-card poker game played with a single deck of cards and playing against the Dealer.

What else can we offer?

Royal Casino Events is equipped with American roulette wheels and French roulette tables, Blackjack and Stud Poker

We can provide DJs, lighting and catering.

Other services include magicians, circus acts and other entertainment.

Enquiries can be made in English or French.


Tables and Equipment

The success and authenticity of your casino event depends largely on the quality of the casino equipment. Royal Casino Events uses only high quality equipment; the roulette wheels are made from fine mahogany, the casino chips are heavy duty 11gr clay composite and the Dealers are all extremely professional and experienced.